Everything You Need to Know to Become a Pokémon Go Expert! [Infographic]

become_a_pokémon_go_expertYou can only be on top of your game by rubbing shoulders with the very best!

The popularity of Pokémon Go has spread all over the world, and the world-wide acceptance keeps growing. More and more countries are catching the fever as well!

Personally, i have been addicted to Pokémon Go since it debuted in July. I also have a bag of tricks that can help you become the very best at Pokémon Go.

Here is our beginner’s guide (with Infographic) to get you started!


How to Find and catch Pokémon

Parks with multiple PokéStops should be your favourite place

Pokémon is almost everywhere you look. But to find lots of Pokémon, try a highly populated area. Even though you can find Pokémon in Cities, playing at parks is an awesome idea. Playing at saltwater beach parks for instance, gives you an incredible Pokémon catching experience.

You can get different types of Pokémon from different terrains. Parks that feature multiple PokéStops can offer you abundant play options, giving you all the Poké Balls you need when you are hunting. We have learnt from experience that PokéStops give you more Pokémon, especially when a lure is attached.

Hunt in the company of friends

The appearance of Pokémon is never hidden, so anyone can see it, and catch it if they want. You are sure to enjoy hunting, whether in pairs or groups. It gives you an opportunity to have an awesome chatting time with friends while hunting for Pokémon. What is more? The task of finding that three-footstep Kadabra becomes a shared and fun responsibility.

Play safe.

Safety first! Avoid moving around by yourself to a lure-enabled PokéStop when it’s dark. You do not want to get hurt. Hunting in pairs or groups is a smarter way to go! You may also want to do your hunting in areas that are properly lit, with a car parked within a short distance. Some of the most amazing Pokémon hunting I have done was by wandering the neighbourhood, with my dogs as companions. Sometimes, i did not even have to leave my house.

Your radar ring can help you in finding Pokémon

In the process of wandering the world, ensure you are armed with your avatar. Your avatar has a little pulsing, glowing ring. Using the ring as your personal radar, you can tell when a PokéStop or Gym is nearby . The avatar also pulls zero-footprint Pokémon into the open.

When you succeed in tracking a Pokémon to zero steps, it must be really close by. Your radar field should bring it into the open once you have stood there for a while. That said, finding wandering Pokémon does not mean you have to lurk around your neighbours flower pots or jump their fence. It may interest you to know of a current bug in the game which prevents Pokémon from showing beyond three footprints. This means that your radar field may pull out Pokémon displaying three footprints.

Fluttering leaves is linked to random Pokémon spawns

Pokémon players have a thing for green fluttering leaves, and it is easy for them to believe this means there is a Pokémon there. From experience, those leaves point to a Pokémon spawn point, and if you stay long enough in that vicinity, creatures your radar map failed to pick “may” just start appearing .The word is “may” , and it is not a hundred percent guaranteed. Kindly bear in mind that the fact that there are fluttering leaves around, does not necessarily mean you have found the current Pokémon you are hunting. Finding that Drowzee would take more than a few fluttering leaves.

Parking lots are a great place to quickly catch a lot of Pokémon!

The reason may not be so clear, but Pokémon seem to love spawning in parking lots, especially if they are near PokéStops. There was a time I even found close to six common Pokémon in the lot by our local grocery shop. I have also had the same luck around many gas stations.

Turn off AR when catching Pokémon

Seeing that Pikachu spawn right there on your coffee machine is awesome! The thing is though; AR (augmented reality) could make it difficult for you to catch those creatures. You would also run out of power.

The best thing to do is to switch it off!

Pick up bonuses as you throw Poké Balls

Ok, you need to catch a Pokémon. Your ball must land inside the shrinking ring around them and hit the Pokémon’s nose, or maybe its head. Do you know, however, that there are special catch bonuses that give you a better chance of keeping a Pokémon locked inside the Poké Ball and prevent it from breaking free?

Whatever bonus you are looking to kill, do not forget to tap and hold on the Poké Ball to start the ring cycle. Once it has been started, simply toss your ball until the ring is at the correct point. The Pokémon might attempt to make some sort of ring-breaking movements, just keep holding your Poké Ball. There is no way you would lose your ball as long as you hold on to it.

Better Poké Balls and razz berries are great for capturing Pokémon

Finding a rare Pokémon, or one that has an unbelievably high CP in the wild, may prove difficult for your standard-issue Poké Balls to contain. Another way to go about this is once you reach level 6, use Razz Berries, and gradually introduce Great and Ultra Balls in improving the chances you have to contain these wild creatures.

Once you have administered Razz Berries, you can use them to lull the Pokémon, kind of. It is possible you miss a throw, but your chances of catching the Pokémon until you hit them would have increased. In a situation where you catch them with an off-throw, and they escape, try feeding them another Razz Berry.

It is okay for your game to crash or hang when catching a Pokémon

Your game can crash or even remain frustratingly hanging after you have caught a Pokémon. You need to prepare your mind for this possibility, and it is no cause for alarm. Game developer Niantic’s servers often have a lot of overload to deal with, and your Pokémon could be left high and dry in its Poké Ball. You can simply quit the game forcefully before re-opening it. As a result of this crash, you might catch the Pokémon automatically, or it will remain spawned and be waiting right there for you.

PokéStops and the world

Avoid crazy hours

Playing at lunchtime could be fun, but you might want to explore an early morning time or evening play to avoid the rush of the afternoon hours.

Ingress can help you find PokéStops

Many of the maps featured in the previous game, Ingress, have been used by Niantic in populating PokéStops and Gyms in the Pokémon Go world. This means that this Ingress’s map system can also be used in deciding where your hunting efforts should target precisely. Note that the Portals you see on Ingress’s map can also serve as pointers to PokéStops.

Too lazy to hunt? Drop lures at local bars and shops

In case you are looking for lazy Pokémon-catching tips, you can attach lures to a local tea shop or fast- food restaurant, then fold your arms and wait. On a normal day, there should be a new Pokémon spawning inside the Lure every 3-5 minutes, or you might just be lucky and a rare Pokémon would appear. If you like, you can use incense to stack this. You need to know however, that Incense will spawn an increased number of Pokémon when you are actually walking through the world, in fact, you can get up to 1 within a minute. If you are stationary however, it might take you about 5 minutes to get a single one.

Be tactical with your Stardust and Candy approach!

As a newbie, boosting and evolving your first Pokémon might seem like a good idea, but I’m going to have to advice you wait. You will soon pass this stage, and when you do, you are sure to find lots of higher-level creatures.

These ones usually become much more powerful when evolved.

Evolve mainly higher-level creatures

You will find a level ring around your portrait as you power- boost your Pokémon. Their level is indicated by the amount filled in the ring, while your own max level is indicated on the ring’s far right side. The closer they are to your level, the more likely you will get a much-higher evolved creature.

Lucky Eggs should be used before an XP spree or evolving Pokémon

You can get lucky Eggs as level rewards and you can also buy from the Shop. They are great for doubling the personal Trainer XP you collect for 30 minutes. They can also be used to increase your level as you catch multiple Pokémon. These eggs will be more useful however, when you are evolving Pokémon.

500XP is what you should ordinarily get for evolving Pokémon. If you have a Lucky Egg enabled, you get 1000XP each time. Got a ton of Pidgeys? Simply evolve them into Pigeottos, using just 12 Pidgey Candy .

Hatch your egg by moving it around your room

Now, in case you are tied up with something, and the walk to get your 9.8km/10km egg to hatch is impossible, you can move your phone around your bedroom or place it on your office desk and move it back and forth. Once your trainer moves, it should tell if you are in a place with unsteady GPS signal that can help you trick the game into thinking you are moving around. Your egg will eventually hatch as you continue to move your phone back and forth.

Although you would be risking breaking your phone- yes, you can put it on a dog, ceiling fan, or record player.

Gym battles and teams

Prepare for battle by matching up Pokémon with their opposing types

If you find yourself in a situation where you are under- matched against an opposing Gym, you can still find your way around it. What you need to know is how to match up an opposing Pokémon’s type as well as element. Once you have succeeded in doing this, you would have succeeded in damaging their Gym’s Prestige. The secret is to match up an opposing Pokémon’s type and element. Every creature has a primary type, and this primary type often matches up to some kind of element. Just like it is in the real world, there are elements that are more successful than others.
GamePress’s Pokémon Go page contains a roster of the most powerful Pokémon you are allowed to evolve for each type.

Start each battle by dodging

Our Android Central pal Russell Holly let me in on this awesome trick, ad I’m going to let you have it too. Swiping left or right to dodge when a battle starts, gives you an extra attack or two ahead of your opponent. Smaller, quicker types like Eevees, have quick burst attacks and dodges. They can effectively take down a big creature, giving them little or no time to react.

Snipe a neutral gym

If you are unable to fight a gym battle personally, or you are on a trip with a friend who’s exhausting all their powerful Pokémon in beating an opposing gym, wait till the gym has been won, and it has become neutral white, then you can easily drop your Pokémon in.

You can re-capture a gym of yours which an opponent has been trying to take down if you are really fast, and you can add your most powerful Pokémon to the neutral gym once all of your opponent’s high-level creatures have become weary in the process of defeating the gym.

Add Varied Pokémon types to a friendly gym

If you need to add a Pokémon to a gym that is already friendly, try to vary up the kind of Pokémon you need to add. Even though an all-Fire gym of Vulpixes and Flareons might look awesome, it is not so safe with a trainer with Water and Ground-type Pokémon.

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