We Rate the Best and Coolest High Tech Coffee Makers in 2019!

If there are something geeks love more than the latest gadgets and gaming – it has to be coffee. How else are you meant to stay up all night playing FIFA! Just like many home appliances, smart coffee makers have WiFi online, with cool features released every month.

Not only do these smart internet-connected coffee machines look great, but they’re also affordable, high-tech and most importantly make great coffee!

Find below our coffee tech top list for this year.

#1 – Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker

Mr Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo 10-Cup Optimal Brew Coffeemaker Review


  • Smart apps allow you to brew Coffee just the way you like (from your mobile device)
  • Stylish Stainless steel construction


  • High-end price
  • Large footprint won’t suit small counter-tops

If you want a great value coffeemaker from a trusted brand which is designed to provide exceptional performance, you can’t go wrong with the Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker.

WiFi enabled and capable of being controlled to brew from its smartphone app. It’s the perfect coffee maker for any home with a ten cup brewing capacity.

#2 – Blossom One Brewer


  • Ultra high tech & high performance
  • Great looking
  • Keeps coffee at the perfect temp


  • Very expensive
  • Commercial-style product

There aren’t many homes in the world which could afford this coffee machine – with a price in the thousands. But any list of cool high-tech coffee makers has to include the Blossom coffee maker. Capable of holding your coffee at the ideal temperature for any bean, it tastes amazing. Its single-temperature brewing system removes bitterness, which is triggered by changes in temperature.

Stylish, with a commercial look, this coffeemaker has style and substance in spades. As well, it makes it easy to program the perfect cup, day in and day out.

#3 – Clive Ratio Eight Coffee Machine


  • Excellent heating element
  • One-button functionality
  • Easy to clean


  • Water measurements aren’t accurate
  • Isn’t cheap

If you want a high-end coffeemaker which offers tons of impressive style, as well as some convenient and practical features, you’ll benefit from learning about the Clive Ratio Eight Coffee Machine.

This style looks sleek, modern and fabulous so that it will look beautiful on a kitchen counter. It’s famous for producing drip-style coffee which tastes superb.

Crafted with a unique and sculptural blend of wood, metal, and glass, this classic coffeemaker will please those who want high performance and show-stopping, elegant style.

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#4 – Duo Coffee Steeper


  • Dual-chamber design
  • French Press-style results
  • Produces bold flavor


  • Mild coffee drinkers won’t like the ‘large’ taste

If you love French Press style coffee and enjoy owning a very stylish coffeemaker with minimalist design, you’ll enjoy the Duo model.

It’s in the mid to high-end price range, and it offers a lot of features which are appealing. Since this unique coffee maker comes with a mesh filter, you won’t need to invest in paper filters. This will save you money and energy.

As well, it produces bona fide French Press coffee taste and is very easy to use.

#5 – OXX Coffeebox

COFFEEBOXX Single Serve Portable Coffee Maker by OXX ReviewPros
  • Super durable – perfect for harsh conditions
  • Portable


  • None

This strong and rugged coffee maker feature an attractive, green and black design, as well as a single-cup system for convenient brewing. If you’re tired of drinking old coffee from a Thermos on the job or elsewhere, you’ll find that investing in this durable design is the secret of enjoying fresh coffee anytime.

It’s perfect for job sites. However, it’s so easy to use that it’s an excellent choice for almost anywhere. It converts into a portable box with a handle in no time flat, so it’s a cool coffee maker and an excellent choice for those who value portability.

#6 – Wilfa Precision

Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker ReviewPros
  • Designed by award-winning barista
  • Ultra-modern styling
  • Brews delicious coffee


  • One of the most expensive coffee makers on our list
  • Style won’t suit all kitchens

This coffee maker is designed by a barista who won the world championship in his field. It’s a style which offers ultra-modern brewing power, via its automatic filter brewing system. You’ll find that this unit keeps temperatures perfect and creates designer coffee taste in no time flat. It will also look dazzling on a kitchen counter.

This unit includes a high-quality pump for durable and dependable performance. This is one of the cool coffeemakers. Unique coffee makers are out there, and this one is a style to be proud of.

#7 – Bruer Slow Drip Cold Brew Coffee Maker


  • Makes Coffee Fast!
  • Can brew up 10 oz at one time


  • Cold Brew only

If you’re in the market for a high-tech coffee maker, you may want to consider this Bruer-brand design. It’s one of the coolest coffee makers around, thanks to its slow drip, cold brew design. If you love iced coffee drinks, you’ll find that this attractive and sensible design provides exceptional performance.

While it’s a bit costlier than some coffee makers, it’s an excellent coffee maker for those who want to extract every bit of flavor from ground coffee.

One of the best-looking coffee makers on the market.

Bruer’s website

#8 – Chemex Ottomatic

Chemex Ottomatic Pulsing Water Dispenser and 6 Cup Coffeemaker Set ReviewPros
  • Unique design
  • One-button performance
  • Makes great coffee


  • Style won’t suit all kitchens

This luxury coffeemaker makes it simple to manage key brewing features, including pre-infusion and water temperature. It also has a hot plate which will keep coffee at the right temperature, without burning it.

Incredibly stylish, this coffeemaker doesn’t look like the others, and this may be a good or bad thing, depending on your taste. It’s a showpiece and very artistic regarding design.

Also, it brews excellent coffee, and it’s easy to use and maintain. While it is pricey, it’s one of the coolest coffeemaker styles. It’s for discerning customers who don’t mind investing in quality.

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