Discover the Best Canon 70D Lenses on the Market

The Canon 70D is easily one of the most popular DSLR digital cameras available on the market today, the kind of high-quality camera used by professionals as well as avid photography enthusiasts.

Only setting you back quite a bit less than $1000 (for the camera body alone, that is), it is indeed considered a budget professional grade camera – though you’ll have to outfit it with lenses that allow you to capture the kind of high-quality photographs you are after in the first place.

With so many different options to pick and choose from it can be a real challenge trying to find the best Canon 70D lenses for your specific situation and the particular kind of photography that you are going to pursue. But when you pick any of the lenses we highlight below in these detailed reviews you really can’t go wrong.

The Best Canon 70D Lenses available in 2017

Canon 18-55Mm F/3.5 Is STM (With Kit)

Incredibly lightweight (weighing in at only 7.3 ounces), you are going to be blown away at the capabilities of this relatively inexpensive multipurpose lens for the Canon 70D.

The optical quality of this lens has been significantly upgraded from models in the past, and the new Stepping Motor Technology allows you to take advantage of the smooth and vivid autofocus that this lens brings to the table.

You’ll be able to shoot HD video without any trouble at all when you have this multipurpose lens hooked up to your Canon camera body.

Canon 18-135Mm F/3.5-5.6 Is STM (With Kit)

Just a little bit heavier than the multipurpose option mentioned above (2.7 ounces heavier, to be exact), you trade off a little bit of extra weight but get a whole lot of extra performance out of this lens – a trade-off that almost every single photographer out there is going to be happy with.

A mid ranged priced multipurpose lens; this particular unit allows for crystal-clear image quality, near silent operation, and true to life “live focus.” You’ll be able to snap action shots beautifully, record high-definition video without any trouble and any artifacts, but you’ll also be able to shoot stills and landscape photography without any difficulty, either.

All in One lens for the Canon 70D in 2017

Canon 18-200M F/3.5-5.6 Is

Trying to find a real workhorse lens for the Canon 70D can be a bit of a nightmare, if only because there are so many different options out there to pick and choose from that do the job adequately, though not usually spectacularly.

This particular all in one lens, however, is going to quickly become your choice for a real workhorse lens, giving you the kind of versatility and optical performance you demand as a professional or a serious amateur without strapping you with any significant drawbacks.

No, there is a top-notch autofocus mechanism that’s on par with new lenses produced in the last two years or so, but the manual focus ring will still follow autofocus while offering you the ability to have a complete control burn the focus of each photograph you snap.

It’s a tremendously portable lens for the performance able to offer, making it a real fan favorite.

Wide-angle lenses for the Canon 70D in 2017

Canon 10-18Mm F/4-5.6

Canon set the world of photography on fire when they released their now famous APS C image sensor, making it the ultimate choice for serious professionals that wanted to be able to capture wide-angle photographs without any degradation in quality.

Allowing for plenty of light to come into the lens in hit the sensor without distortion, this relatively inexpensive camera lens is going to transform the way you snap widescreen and wide-angle shots from here on out.

Canon 10-22Mm F/3.5-4.5 USM

Though not quite as famous as the wide-angle lens mentioned above, this particular unit offers a little bit better image quality and image performance – except for in small or limited light situations.

Offering plenty of extra reach and stunning full light photography options, you are going to fall in love with everything that this Canon 70D lens has to offer if you are shooting outdoor landscape photography with the sun high in the sky.

Best portrait lenses for the Canon 70D

Canon 17-55Mm F/2.8 Is USM

Trying to snap action photographs with and underpowered lens, even with a powerful and proven professional grade camera like the Canon 70D, becomes almost impossible – which is why you’re going to want to make sure that you have this lens on hand if you’re going to be taking action or sports portrait photographs.

This is the kind of lens that offers tremendous performance even in low light situations (thanks to its wide angle zoom lens capabilities).

Even though it’s a little bit heavy at 22.4 ounces the lightning fast autofocus performance at such a tremendous pace that you’d have to be crazy to ignore the benefits, this camera lens brings to the table.

Canon 15-85Mm F/3.5-5.6 Is

Professional photographers are ALWAYS on the lookout for all in one workhorse style lenses that allow them to shoot all different kinds of photographs without having to switch out glass between shots, and this beauty can do to help professionals and amateurs do exactly that.

The autofocus is snappy, the focal range provides for telephoto and wide-angle shots, and the portrait photographs you’re going to be able to snap with this lens are picture-perfect as well. There may be a little bit of distortion when the zoom is maxed out, but all of that can be cleared out in a post without any trouble.

Canon 40Mm F/2.8 STM

Pancake lenses are almost always designed to accompany mirror lists cameras, but this bad boy from Canon is capable of being attached to the full frame Canon 70D – providing you with sharp images, snappy optical performance, and next to no distortion whatsoever. You can even record high-definition video with this pancake lens without losing any of the crispness.

Canon 50Mm F/1.8 Ii

Relatively inexpensive, incredibly lightweight, and capable of producing a crystal-clear image, this isn’t the most jaw-dropping camera lens offered by Canon.

The entire lens body is made out of plastic, after all – but it is the perfect entry-level or multipurpose lens that you want to be sure you have in your bag if you don’t have the money to shell out for something more extravagant.

Top telephoto zoom lenses for the Canon 70D

Canon 55-250Mm F/4-5.6 Is STM

Considered to be one of the very best APS C telephoto lenses available on the market today, and the kind of Canon lens that other companies make adapters specifically for to fit their camera bodies, you are going to be blown away by the technology and image quality packed into this powerhouse.

Though not exactly a stunner in low light conditions (like any other telephoto lens, for that matter), when used appropriately this just might be the very best telephoto option at this price point.