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12 Must Read 3D Printer Blogs

3d_printing_news_and_resources_best_3d_printing_blogsWith 3D printing Technology evolving so quickly it can be difficult to stay up to date with the latest developments.

If you want to stay up to date with what’s happening across the cutting edge 3D industry, look no further than these twelve 3D printing authorities – which give readers news and developments from all angles and a glimpse into the future.

#1. – 3D Printing Industry

This website is a blog which talks about the 3D printing industry. It deals with hardware (printers, scans), software to make use of 3D files suitable for any industry that could use 3D printing such as food, jewels and aerospace.

#2. – TCT Magazine

It’s an American magazine which releases publications on additive manufacturing, they show many innovations which are made by this technology. A category is reserved to actualities for 3D modeling software. We also can find their blog with all articles listed by author.

#3. – Disruptive Magazine

The Disruptive site features a blog, magazine and e-books covering all facets of 3D Printing. There is also a resources section with tonnes of book references and tutorials.

#4. –

Check out the forums which covers all aspects of the 3D printing news, tips and tricks.

#5. – Techcrunch

Techcrunch is a blog which writes articles about technologies in general with a pronounced taste for entrepreneurship and breakthrough innovation. They publish frequently articles on 3D printing. To find only their 3D printing articles, you can search specifically for 3D printing.

#6. – Fabbaloo

Fabbaloo keeps readers up to date with the latest 3D printing news. You can subscribe on this blog to their newsletter. We can find in their website an interactive 3D printer buying guide. You just have to answer to a short series of questions to find the perfect 3D printer for your project.

#7. –

In this website, you can find a lot of interesting things on 3D printing subject. 3D printer and 3D printing news proposes 3D printing and 3D printer news but also a price comparison between different 3D printers, a top 100 of the best 3D printing blogs and a video category which show us interviews, applications, and of course 3D printing videos.

#8. – Makerbot

Makerbot is a 3D printer manufacturer packed with resources and news about 3D printing. Recently a team of business and tech editors named their MakerBot Replicator 2 as the only 3D printer in “The 50 Most Influential Gadgets of All Time.

#9. – Enabling the Future – Prosthetists Meet 3D Printers

Prosthetists Meet 3D Printers – Press Release

Crowd-sourced collaborative innovation is changing the face of modern medicine. e-NABLE, a global online community of humanitarian volunteers is leading the way by designing, building and disseminating inexpensive functional 3D printed prosthetics.

#10. – Nervous System Blog

Kinematic Petals Dress debuts at MFA

For a glimpse into the future of Fashion combined with 3D printing – check out Nervous System’s 3D Printed Dress which is covered in petals & designed using a simple app.

#11. – Made In Space Inc.

NASA Selects Made In Space Proposal for Next Generation Space Manufacturing Program

Have you ever wondered how the next wonders of the world will be built in space? Made In Space, Inc. is approaching this challenge of delivering goods into space in a different way that doesn’t involve the traditional hurdles of current supply chains. Over the past six years their team has been designing the technological building blocks to make satellite manufacturing in space possible.

#12. – 3DSHOES.COM

Laser focused on disrupting the burgeoning Shoe Industry by offering Designers, Fashionistas and Celebrities an unbelievable digital shoe marketplace. 3D Printing technology has the potential to fundamentally impact the world and how we design and create things.